Fishing Nets  

I was blessed this morning. Pastor Lackey sent me an e-mail with a Max Lucado devotion. It was the story of Peter fishing. I’m sure you remember the story. At the end of the fishing expedition, Jesus tells Peter to let down the nets and Peter replies. “At Your word I will let down the net” (Luke 5:5).

After reading the devotion, my mind started to think about Peter’s reaction after he actually let down the net. I’ll bet he was shocked.

Now as I sit and think about our “net fishing event” at Caldwell Park that is coming up this Saturday, I begin to relate to this Biblical event. We here at First Lutheran have been on quite a journey so far in 2016. At the beginning of the year it seems that we set our face toward mission. I don’t know that any of us knew what to expect. We did not know where the LORD would lead us. We were blessed as about 20+ of us went to the District Outreach Workshop. Pastor Johnson was led by the Spirit to give us a teaching that moved those of us who attended to come back and prayerfully consider where the LORD might bless our efforts. We prayed for His blessing. We prayed for our neighborhood. We looked at our neighborhood with new hearts and eyes of love. We talked about the things that we observed in our neighborhood. We looked at ourselves . . our gifts . . our talents . . our resources. We brainstormed and prayed.

We have had three awesome outreach events so far this year. God has blessed. The response leading up to this Saturday’s event has been a bit overwhelming. The community really seems to be excited about this. You might say, “The neighbors are talking / posting / tweeting about us.” I feel like Peter. I don’t know what to expect.

What I do know is this. Through the Word, I know that Jesus loves us and He is leading us. So, we respond, “At Your word I will let down the net.”


God be praised!

Pastor Tommy

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