Lord We Seek You  

Amos 5:24 - But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.


Over the past weeks, months, years it seems there is a growing polarization. What kind of polarization? I’m not talking about global warming. I am thinking about people being driven to two opposing positions on important issues. When this happens, we are not able to compromise to reach shared goals. We break away from shared core values and develop an us vs. them attitude. We begin to point fingers and try to promote fear to gain control. So I am thinking about how culturally and politically this seems to be the trend nationally.

As Christ followers we are called out to promote justice, mercy, humility, self-sacrifice and peace for the sake of all of humanity because people are hoping for and crying out for a God response to the difficult circumstances that we are facing.

Unfortunately, much of the response is name calling, bickering and, well, just plain silliness. This is the reality in the political arena, the cultural arena and even within churches and church bodies.

That however is not the end of the story. We have a God that is actively involved as we experience life’s difficulties whether they be global, national, within the church, within the family, and yes, even our own individual, personal difficulties. Our God invites us to focus on His love and to reach out in love to our neighbor. When we listen to His invitation it brings peace.

We can trust that God is in control. Nothing is going to happen outside of His will. We do not have to join in the process of polarization in order to manipulate the outcome. We can keep our focus on Jesus. We can know that He is the one that left heaven because of rebellious mankind rebelling against their creator. He brought justice, mercy, humility, self-sacrifice and peace for the sake of all of humanity as He suffered on the cross for us. Now, He gives us power and authority to take these things to a hurting world.

God be praised!

Pastor Tommy

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