Marked With God’s Sign of Love  

“ … according to your steadfast love remember me … “ - Psalm 25:7b

We speak much of God’s grace. Some say we even speak much more than we should (more on that in a moment). David’s verses flow with this steadfast love of God. He is a man who looks at his own life and knows that everything he is and will ever be is because of God’s love for him and for all humankind. Even before he was anointed God knew David was the one to lead the people He loved so much. A people like us, people who are sinful, stumbling, stubborn and self centered and David was not excluded from that.  The Lord sought out a leader who knew and cherished, even though he was a sinful being, the gift of love God had given him. Long before he was anointed in the privacy of his father Jesse’s house, David was given the title that describes the source of God’s grace, “The Lord has sought out a ‘man after his own heart’ …” - 1 Samuel 13:14. Yes, David knew God continually marked him with His sign of love, His grace. So, do we speak too much of God’s grace? No! We can’t speak enough about this, the very heart of God ... ultimately given to us fully in Jesus Christ our Lord.

King David was found guilty of his sin. When we look in a mirror we see another David, not the handsome lad who would be the leader of a nation but the sinful person introduced by the essential truth of Romans 3:10, “There is no one righteous, not even one … no one seeks God. All have turned away, there is no one who does good, not one.”  

In his recent book, Grace, Max Lucado writes, “We must start where God starts. We won’t appreciate what grace does until we understand who we are. We are rebels. We deserve to die. Four prison walls, thickened with hurt, and hate, surround us. Incarcerated by our past, our low-road choices, and … our high-minded pride. Yes, we have been found guilty. Our executioner’s footsteps echo against stonewalls. We don’t look up as he opens the door and begins to speak. We know what he’s going to say - ‘Time to pay for your sins.’ But we hear something else. ‘You’re free to go. They took Jesus instead of you.’ The light shines, the shackles are gone, and our crimes are pardoned. What just happened here? Grace happened!” *

And we begin to see that … “according to His steadfast love,” God does “remember us.” We are indeed marked with God’s sign of Love - His beautiful, undeserved grace showered upon us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Prayer: Dear Lord, may we always be reminded that our feeble attempts at self-salvation guarantee nothing but exhaustion. Give us the heart of David, O Lord … the heart that relies totally on your steadfast love … your grace in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.   

Peace - ptl

* from Max Lucado’s, GRACE

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