The Yoke Of Christ  

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” – Matthew 11:29

Her name is Jenny. She is five years old and as a precious little girl she has already endured the pain of losing a playmate much like herself. One evening at the dinner table when asked what she had done that day, she said she had gone to see her friend’s mother. Mom and Dad glanced at each other and then back at little Jenny.  “What did you say,” asked her parents. “Nothing,” she replied. “I just climbed on her lap and cried with her.”  Indeed, a five year old angel of mercy. 

How many times have we seen the suffering of those we love and felt that we wanted to do something? We wanted to help. We wanted to say the right thing, take the right action. Yes, we detested that feeling of helplessness. Yet, after we had investigated all the possibilities, we had to conclude that there was little we could do.

As Christians, we are thankful that Jesus had no such problem. Like little Jenny who climbed on the grieving mother’s lap and cried with her, Jesus does much more the same thing for us. He lived with us; He cried with us; He died for us.

Unseen by a cruel world a little five year old girl shared a lot of Jesus with a hurting soul. When saddened, those who are in Christ Jesus know they are not sad alone. They know that Jesus cries with them and they know he is powerful enough to bring them comfort … even when the tears flow. Indeed, the yoke of Christ is light because it is filled with love and mercy. He gives that yoke to you. Go and share it with others.

Prayer – Healer of my soul, grant the eyes of my heart the clarity to see the comfort of your love and mercy through the tears of pain I shed in this world. As you shoulder me with your yoke of comfort give me the passion to share that comfort with others. Amen.




Pastor Tom        


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