Celebrating 125 Years during 2013

Birmingham was only 17 years old when a small group of Lutherans who had moved to the new city had a congregation and a pastor.  Rev. C. Burkart delivered the first Lutheran sermon on January 2, 1886, in a Methodist church.

Throughout the history of this church, God’s Word has blessed the congregation and expanded our ministry.  During the year 2013, we are celebrating 125 years of connecting people to Jesus.  Join us as we explore our history at a “First Sunday” mini-education moments during Sunday school at 9 am.  You may also see details of the past “First Sunday” events by clicking on the links below.  

•               October featured our Education Programs and Youth activities. 

•               December covered the symbolism and history of our Chrismons.

•               February explored the beautiful stained glass windows in our Sanctuary.

•               April celebrated the history of our church music, choir, organ and organists.

•               June focuses on the Communion kneelers and altar paraments.

•               August brings a movie premiere on the history of First Lutheran.

Our trip down memory lane includes special guests—including several of our recent pastors and former staff members, who returned for our celebration!

•               Feb. 24, 2013—Rev. Thomas Noon, Pastor Emeritus, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Birmingham. Alabama—the                            Orphaned Child of American Lutheranism, History of Lutheran Churches in the South

•               March 3, 2013--Rev. Jack L. Gillam, former Director of Christian Education, prior to his attending seminary                            and ordination. Pastor at Trinty Lutheran Church, Grande Isle, Nebraska.

•               May 4, 2013--Lisa Keyne, PhD, "Day by Day with Jesus" Bible Study for Young Adults at 4:30 pm with a                                "Lutheran" potluck dinner at 6 pm 

•               May 5, 2013—Lisa K. Keyne, PhD, former Director of Christian Education, 1981-1985

•               June 9, 2013—Rev. Terry L. Grund, who served from 2003- 2004
 as interim pastor

•               July 21, 2013—Rev. Dr. J. Mark Kuehnert, who served from 1969--1992. Pastor at Christ Lutheran Church,                            Albertville, Alabama.

•               August
 18, 2013—Rev. John Paul Schulz, a son of First Lutheran became ordained in 1957.         

•               September 22, 2013—Rev. Kurtis Schultz, 1994—2003, LCMS Southern District President  

•               October 13, 2013—Rev. Dr. Leopoldo Sanchez from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO