Covid Updates

Open for Renovations, Repairs, and Replacements


With this new year, we collectively sigh that 2020 is over and we may look forward to a brighter year ahead.  We face the realization that the pandemic is still with us and is serving up new challenges as the virus morphs to other strains. Many of the precautions that we are now taking will continue like wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, and safe distancing.


We are holding our Sunday morning worship both in person and online as well as Evening Prayer on the second Sunday of each month. Preparations for Lent are well underway that include mid-week services.  Hopefully our Bible study classes and other activities will resume online and in person in the near future.


During this “downtime” while the building has limited use, we are moving ahead with several repairs and the replacement of the heating and cooling system for the church and educational wing.  The new system will operate much more efficiently and will meet all EPA standards. This system includes an air ionization system that will remove 99.9 percent of any germs that are airborne. The system is comparable to the air filtration systems used at the local hospitals. This project may take 4 – 6 weeks once the construction begins.


At the same time, the hot water system for the building will be replaced with a gas tankless system. In the kitchen, the ladies will be delighted to learn that a new commercial refrigerator will replace the old refrigerator. 


We will continue to update you on the status of these projects as the repairs and replacements are installed.Replace this content with your own.
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