Growing..not in years or time, but in momentum and growth as a Christian. Each person of the Trinity active in our lives brings growth. Growth gains momentum through encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ. So lets us grow and grow together, in Grace, Faith, Love, in Jesus, in Friendships, in Mission, and in passion for people.

A Walk in the Wilderness  

Now Moses said to Hobab son of Reuel the Midianite, Moses’ father-in-law, “We are setting out for the place about which the Lord said, ‘I will give it to you.’ Come with us and we will treat you well, for the Lord has promised good things to Israel.”

He answered, “No, I will not go; I am going back to my own land and my own people.”

But Moses said, “Please do not leave us. You know where we should camp in the wilderness, and you can be our eyes. If you come with us, we will share with you whatever good things the Lord gives us.”


CONSIDER: Why do you think that I chose this passage as the basis of my devotion for this month?

TAKE A MOMENT: Ask the Lord to let the Holy Spirit has something to teach you from these words.

  1. What phrases jump out at you?

  2. Do any of the phrases relate to any of your life experiences?

  3. Where were the people in these passages going?

  4. What route would they need to take in order to get there?

  5. What are you looking for?

  6. How will you get there?

Now, CONTINUE on with my devotion.

Nowadays with social media and all, I stumble upon posted Bible quotes. A lot of times the Scripture is posted with NO explanation. Some of them are just plain text, some with background pictures to enhance the message. When I take the time to read them, I am always left with the thought, “I wonder what prompted the choice of that particular verse?” I would love to know the story behind the verse from view of the one posting it. Unless I were to comment with a ques- tion, all that I can do is meditate on the verse myself and see what the Holy Spirit wants to teach me.

I hope that you took the time to do that. If not, try again.

Ok. NOW let me share a few thoughts.

A few weeks ago, (well maybe many weeks ago,) I was remembering the time just before the lockdown. I was going to get a haircut. Y’all know want happened. Everything changed. I thought to myself, I am not going to get a haircut for some time. I thought to my- self, “I feel like I am wandering in the wilderness. I hope that this does not last for 40 years. I hope that I can get a haircut before then.”

Since that moment, I have been feeling like this really is a time in the wilderness. There are a ton of things that I want to grumble and complain about. There are a lot of things about this experience that I do not like. In most of the conversations that I have, and social media posts that I see, everyone seems to have some of the same or most of those same feelings. Now, add to the virus, constant protesting and riots, fighting between politicians, people trying to use current events to make a profit or build a reputation for themselves, and finally, what seem to be challenging and disturbing interpretations of current events.

I have spent the last weeks since feeling the wilderness experience of Moses and God’s people were rele- vant to my own experience. In my personal meditative Bible study I have focused on the Exodus from Egypt to the Entrance of the promised land.

While you are in this wilderness journey, I invite you to look at the Biblical account of the event. What could God possibly be teaching you? What warnings does this account have for your personal life? What promises do you see?

Let me end with a spoiler alert. God’s ultimate - read that, final - promises for us are already fulfilled in Jesus. Even when the people walked into the promise land, in a sense, they were still walking in the wilderness. The final sacrifice had not yet been made. In Jesus, the promise is fulfilled. You may still sense that for you, in this world, your eyes have not seen the full extent of that promise.

Spoiler alert qualifier. There is no way I can fully and completely understand the overwhelming joy and beauty of the final fulfillment of God’s will. I do know that for the believer, they are sure promises. They will exceed our wildest expectations.

God Be Praised!

Pastor Tommy

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