Growing..not in years or time, but in momentum and growth as a Christian. Each person of the Trinity active in our lives brings growth. Growth gains momentum through encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ. So lets us grow and grow together, in Grace, Faith, Love, in Jesus, in Friendships, in Mission, and in passion for people.

Message from Pastor Tommy  

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Friday, May, 31, 2019 | 7:26 AM | by June
Here I am Lord, use me. do you ever think doing more is more better? Busyness is not a spiritual gift. If you are feeling caught up in busyness, God is going to see you through. You will be stronger and more faithful!

Pastor's Pen--Is There a Limit?

Saturday, September, 1, 2018 | 7:27 AM | by June
It is a great time of year to revisit my personal mission and my priorities. I want to encourage you to settle spiritual battle that takes place when there are multiple pulls on your resources of time, treasure and talents. Re-mind yourself that there really are limits to your capacity.

Pastor's Pen Summertime

Thursday, August, 2, 2018 | 6:50 AM | by June
A walk down memory lane, good times shared on front porches in the summertimes of our youth. Recreate those times again and add to the conversations the history, the mystery and the majesty of God's plan for our salvation through Jesus.

Pastor’s Pen

Sunday, March, 18, 2018 | 9:28 PM | by June
Every time we come to the Father with our guilt and shame and confess to Him that we need His love, grace and forgiveness, He is faithful to hear our prayer and forgive us. He gives us a new beginning.

“ Thy Will Be Done”

Friday, February, 2, 2018 | 7:38 AM | by June
Thy Will Be Done, what does this mean? How do we face the challenges that the devil, the wold and our own sinful natures throw at us to prevent honoring God?