Celebrate Our Lutheran Heritage!!
October 29th is Reformation Sunday! This is the day Dr. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Whittenberg Germany. Although The Reformation has German roots the Lutheran Christian tradition is now shared by many ethnicities and cultures, all over the world. 
Our congregation, First Lutheran Church, is a good example of this diversity. Everyone has a story to tell about their unique Lutheran heritage. And like most Lutherans a favorite recipe for a
Sunday potluck dinner. 
Please bring your story and your favorite dish on Sunday, October 29th  to our potluck after our Reformation Worship. If are willing, please share your recipe and your story on our social media channels. Our live stream crew will be available to record your message. 
We are inviting everyone who visited our congregation this past year. Please bring your friends
and family too! Let’s make this a grand celebration of our many heritages!