Visitors Welcome!

  • Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:00am
  • Sunday Morning Worship at 10:15 am
  • Evening Prayer, Second Sunday at 5:00pm
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study (via Zoom) at 5:30pm
  • Saturday Morning Bible Study (via Zoom) at 9:00am
  • MAN UP! – 4th Saturday each month at 8 A.M.

If you are interested in participating in the Zoom Bible Studies, please provide your email address to Pastor Murdaugh. His email is

As we gather on Sunday mornings and for Bible studies during the week, we remember the hope that we have in Christ Jesus, our Lord. We take a deep breath amidst the hectic and crazy world that we live in, and find a small still place inside ourselves. It is in this place, on this day, when we hear again of the great hope that we have in a crucified and risen Savior. In hope that we welcome all who join us, not as perfect people, but rather as imperfect pilgrims walking slowly towards our God, traveling the journey He sets before us, and enjoying the fellowship of the saints along the way.

First Lutheran is a unique multicultural, multiracial congregation, brought together with the love of Christ. We deeply care about each other and work together in harmony and with respect to our differences. This is what gives us strength. We believe that we represent the world as God would like for us – one where we exist in worship, in adoration and in love for Christ and our brothers and sisters. Here, there is a place for you. Come and see.

We offer a traditional worship in a family-friendly setting with Sunday School / Bible study for all ages. Wednesday evening services are offered during Lent and Advent.

Hours of operation: Sunday: Sunday School for all ages 9 am, Worship with Holy Communion 10:15 am

Office hours Monday-Friday 9 am – 3 pm. Parking available. Office: 205-933-0380

Public transit: MAX and Dart