Our LORD says that He will give us rest. Indeed our entire culture so abhors the idea of rest, that it even seems hyperactive while it “rests”, working hard at play time, cramming in as much as possible in the little time they feel is allotted them. 

It is interesting to note that when Jesus’ disciples had been working hard, getting swamped while preaching about the Kingdom of God, healing the sick and casting out demons, that Jesus did not break out the organizational charts. He didn’t suggest that they start to multitask. He didn’t chew them out to get more done with the limited time they had. He called them together to go with Him to a quiet place and get some rest. 

And it is interesting that often when Jesus was faced with difficult moments, or had been in battle with demonic forces, He would take time to get away to rest and pray. Particularly after dealing with the foul and evil forces of darkness, He found balance by spending time in the cleansing, pure presence of His Father. 

When God finished His creative work, He rested from it and blessed that day of rest, and even commanded His children to observe that day – to take time and be rested and refreshed in Him. Do you see the pattern? And pattern is a key word there, for our Lord has designed us with a flow and pattern to our life – a time for work, and a time for rest. And by rest, I mean not only physical rest (which includes getting plenty of peaceful sleep, trusting in the gracious care of our Heavenly Father but even more so be renewed and truly rested by being in the Presence of our Lord, the very thing we were created for! 

Are you tired and fatigued from the stresses of this world? Are you frustrated or dismayed? Are you burdened and heavy laden? The come to where your Lord has promised you He is, and He will give you rest! 

God be praised!

Pastor Tommy

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