Growing..not in years or time, but in momentum and growth as a Christian. Each person of the Trinity active in our lives brings growth. Growth gains momentum through encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ. So lets us grow and grow together, in Grace, Faith, Love, in Jesus, in Friendships, in Mission, and in passion for people.

Who or What Do You Trust?  

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.

-- 2 Timothy 3:16

I was watching the weather on the Friday preceding Memorial Day weekend. The forecast was that from Monday (Memorial Day) until Friday there was about a 70 to 80 percent chance of rain each day. I then went on to the reliable source of Facebook and saw that some of my friends were already complaining about the predicted wash out of the next week. By Monday, the forecast was changed. I must say, I completely expected that the forecast would change and that the weather was not going to follow the prediction.

Speaking of Facebook, I do send some time catching up with friends and checking the news feeds. Over the past few years, I have noticed more and more that posts are proven to be inaccurate, misleading, or completely false. I very rarely believe much of what I read until I read confirmation of the facts in another source. Even then, I remain skeptical about a lot of things. However, as time goes by it seems that a number of conflicting stories need to be weighed against each other so that I can get to a place of relative assurance of factual truth so that I can weave those truths into my personal belief system.

It seems that even broadcast news, radio and TV, have become less reliable in my perception over the past few years.

It could be that I was naive for most of my life and completely gullible. It seems that the longer I live the more hesitant I am to believe something that I have not heard confirmed by other sources.

I find myself longing for those things that I can fully trust. Thankfully, there are some individuals that I come to rely on as a source of truthful information. Martha has been a powerfully positive experience for me and has helped me to open up trust. Praise God for her. There are other pieces of information that I have come to trust just because they have been around for a long time and have not been proven false.

Often I end up trying to navigate through life just depending on my own conclusions as I evaluate the experiences that I have experienced, the information that I have received and sometimes with the emotions that I feel. Guess what. I’ve discovered that basing predictions of the next day, week, or year on that process is usually futile. I end up revising my plans day by day and week by week.

So! You ask, “How do you possibly find any kind of peace?”

I have one strong, truthful, reliable source that guides with complete accuracy. That is God’s Word, The Holy Scripture. I have spent my adult life researching and studying the Word. I am convinced that is the inspired, infallible truth of a Holy and Righteous God. I have found that there are, by my calculation, about 2500 Biblical prophecies or predictions. About 2000 of them have ALREADY been fulfilled. The other 500 or so speak of things yet to be proven. Many of those are about heaven. Maybe they have been fulfilled, but I have no firsthand knowledge that they are proven since I have not experienced the fullness of heaven. However, I do believe they will be proven reliable.

I have come to know that the place of peace and certainty is in the Word of God.

A friend posted this:

"If you know Heaven is real, worship like it!"

I would say Amen to that and add “live like it.”

God Be Praised!

Pastor Tommy

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