About Us

Our congregation is a member of the Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod (LC-MS). We are committed to conserving the apostolic teachings by diligently carrying out our mission of “Connecting People to Jesus”. As Lutherans we profess it and practice it. Our preaching and teaching of the Word of God is unvarnished, uncompromised, and is not conformed to an ever-increasing resistant culture.

Our worship hour is presented as a divine service. It is a time of reverence in the presence of the true Holy One. All of our attention is focused on Him, as we praise Him for His bountiful and gracious gifts to us. This is a solemn yet joyful time in which we stress more God and less gimmick. Our scripture-based and Christ-centered worship is patterned after the original Lutheran worship, permitting some change in form that doesn’t confound or confuse; but leaves the original substance undisturbed. Our liturgical, sacramental and confessional identity conserves the apostolic teachings.

We believe our worship service may be different from some others; especially different from those who want to be like everybody else. We embrace our uniqueness.

Our mission of “Connecting People to Jesus” is our only reason for existing and we take it seriously. We invite you to come and see if we are the difference you are looking for.