FLC Library

Library Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Library is to support the church’s mission of enabling individuals to develop a deeper understanding of the faith and their full potential as children of God in God’s kingdom and to support the spiritual ministry of the teaching, preaching, and evangelistic efforts of First Lutheran Church.
The Library is open by appointment.

Selection Policy:

The Library Committee firmly believes that an attractive church Library will attract users. The condition of library materials remains a constant focus. New, current materials will be added as funds allow based on the Selection Policy stated here. Current useful and desirable secular classics may be retained if in good shape, and still in popular demand, but monetary resources will be spent primarily on Christian materials. The Library will not try to duplicate public library resources since our area has an abundance of public libraries from which to select secular materials. The Children’s Collection will emphasize materials with a Christian family emphasis.

Resources used to select materials for the Library include the following:

Lutheran Publishing Houses and Lutheran Journals – Professional journals will be read for reviews and selection as needed. Accounts will be established with these vendors to take advantage of discounts, etc.

               Christian book stores and religious sections of other bookstores –Every effort will be made to purchase items which fit into the theology and spiritual goals of the Christian faith, and Lutheran theology when using non-denominational book stores. Pastor will be called upon when titles are in question.

               Secular Publishing Houses if not located through any of the above sources

Recommendations from members are welcomed. We will evaluate and purchase the requested item if the material meets a need at the time of request; funds are available, and/ or fit into the mission of the Library under the selection policy.