Keep on Believing

“Do not be seized with alarm and have no fear, only keep on believing.” – Mark 5:36b

Jairus took a considerable risk when he prostrated himself before Jesus and
begged for his daughter to be healed. After all, he was a leader of the
synagogue, a respected man schooled in the law, a righteous man who knew
what God expected of his people and what they could expect of God. In Jeru-
salem the Pharisees and the scribes had condemned Jesus for healing on the
Sabbath, claiming Jesus was possessed by Satan. For Jairus to acknowledge
Jesus’ power to heal was to separate himself from all those other religious leaders who denied who Jesus was. And yet, Jairus found himself in such need on that day, that he forgot all the “right” reasons that would have kept him from bowing before Jesus’ feet. Instead, he chose to hope for healing for his beloved daughter, who was at the point of death.
Nevertheless, Jairus would have bigger battles to face before the end of the day. Before Jesus could reach his home to lay hands on Jairus’ daughter, the news had come to them: “Your daughter has died.” Knowing how much Jairus was suffering at this point, Jesus en- couraged him, “Do not be seized with alarm and have no fear, only keep on believing.”
Jesus knew that the healing that Jairus had sought for his daughter had suddenly become impossible for an earthly mind. It was one thing for Jairus to believe that Jesus could heal his daughter; it was entirely another for Jairus to believe that Jesus could bring his daughter back from death. Yet Jesus told him simply and directly to “keep on believing.”
God, the one who gives us the gift of faith and all that is necessary for us to believe, is prompting Jarius to
use what God has given him. We know that nothing is too hard for the Lord. We can all say those words and our minds can assent to their plausibility. Still, believing requires more than our minds. Believing requires our hearts and our wills. Believing requires that our passions line up with the words we have said and the testimonies we have made. Believing requires submitting all that we are to the one who can transform us into a believing people of faith.
What obstacles are you facing in your walk with Jesus that require him to say to you, “only keep on believing?” Are you discouraged about your life? Do you fear for others? When Jairus cast himself at Jesus’ feet, Jesus took him up and carried him through to the end of his fears. Jairus would never again be the same. Jesus will do the same for you and for me. We must learn to depend on Jesus for the work of faith he wants to perform every day in our lives so we can keep on believing.

Prayer: Jesus, you are bigger than my unbelief. Build within me a heart of faith I believe help my unbelief. Amen.
Pastor Schultz

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